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How ExpireStatus was born

Necessity is the mother of invention, so as customers and friends described difficulties in keeping track of items in their organization we wondered why there isn’t an app for that. Then as we learned more about the fines and liabilities these companies were contending with, we thought we should do something about it! We wrote this solution with an open architecture that could be adapted to any industry. And we incorporated multi-lingual support from the ground up so that ExpireStatus will be tailored to the languages of your region and the terminology of your industry.

Simply Bits, LLC, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona is a privately held company committed to creating Southern Arizona's best wired and wireless network for delivery of Internet access, voice, fax, and other enhanced broadband applications and solutions. This network allows Simply Bits to serve residences as well as small, medium and large businesses, educational institutions and government agencies throughout the Tucson area. Our customer base represents diverse industries including: healthcare, financial services, legal services, insurance and real estate.

Our SBES (Simply Bits Enterprise Services) department completes our full service business solutions by offering next generation managed infrastructure and application development. SBES is skilled in efficiently building high-end Internet and client-server software systems. Simply Bits uses a blend of reusable technologies, custom software, and off-the-shelf components to build tailored software solutions for businesses in many industries. SBES provides integrated and scalable IT solutions that give organizations the flexibility to combine service and support when and where needed.